San Isidro de Chicon

Ricchariy Warmi, which is Quechua for “rise up woman,” is the name of an artisan collective of Peruvian women who are determined to make life better for themselves and their families. Chicón is a small town in the Sacred Valley of Peru where opportunities for women to work and even socialize outside of the house are scarce; the twice-weekly meetings of Ricchariy Warmi provide both a healthy social outlet and a means for the women to learn new skills and make income that will go toward food, clothing, medicine, and education, all of which ultimately promote a stronger sense of self-worth and a tighter-knit community.

Founded in 2011 by ProWorld volunteers, Ricchariy Warmi has since been supported by ProWorld volunteers and funds. In addition to assigning volunteers to work with the group, ProWorld arranges outings for the women that include cooking classes, guest lectures on women’s issues, hiking expeditions, and movie nights.

100% of proceeds from sales go directly to individual artisans or into the group’s self-managed treasury.

Photo taken by Jennifer S.