Group at Salineras

Ricchariy Warmi comprises 11 women, two of whom are in high school. All nine of the older women are mothers whose full-time jobs are maintaining their families and homes. The group’s meetings are a respite from the taxing work of daily life and are also a way for the women to learn new skills and earn their own money, which has the tangible effect of making life a little easier and the less tangible but perhaps more important effect of proving that women, too, can be breadwinners.

The group began in 2011, powered by knitting manuals and the arts-and-crafts skills of the founding volunteers. Since then, the women have advanced significantly in their knitting with the aid of a teacher; opened a bank account for their savings; created a constitution; elected two directorates consisting of a president, a secretary, and a treasurer; started learning English, and much more. Soon, ProWorld will be providing the women with ducks to raise and sell and begin constructing small organic gardens for their houses so that they can diversify the sources of their income and be better able to provide nutritious meals for their families.

Photo taken by Tamar G.


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