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ProWorld Service Corps is a non-governmental organization founded in Peru in 1998 with the mission “To empower communities, promote social and economic development, conserve the environment and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens.” In the decade since its inception, ProWorld has expanded its presence to 14 countries spanning three continents. ProPerú, the Peruvian division of ProWorld, has bases in Cusco and Urubamba, a town in the Sacred Valley an hour-and-half’s drive from Cusco.

Volunteers come from all over the world to live in Peru with local host families and work on ProPerú’s initiatives, examples of which are Cleaner-Burning Stoves, which outfits rural Peruvian homes with eco-friendly stoves that reduce smoke inhalation; Filters, which involves building low-cost water filters that decrease the risk of water-borne illness; Youth Groups, which provides children with a productive after-school environment; and Women’s Artisan Collectives, of which Ricchariy Warmi is one. ProWorld also offers opportunities for studying and interning abroad.


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